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Hello, we are one of the Top Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) Company in Mumbai. Our passion for digital has brought us here to the expertise in Search Engine Optimisation. We provide Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Content Optimisation. We make sure that through our services you not only increase in page ranking but increase your revenue. Read more.

What is SEO?

SEO, abbreviation Search Engine Optimisation, is a process of optimisation of your website content for better rankings on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo.

What is SEO?
Why do you need SEO

Why do you need SEO?

Millions of people are searching online for products & services. And only top 5 rankings get clicks. If you want your website to rank on top you need to optimise content according to search engine’s rules. This will get your website more traffic for respective set of keywords you want your site to rank for.

What is the process of SEO?

At first we do keyword research, check how how many times a keyword is searched on search engines.

Then we do competitor analysis. Check for competitor’s rankings, content and backlinks.

Then, we will audit your website. In this stage we will check the loading speed of the site, meta tags,  security of the site and other parameters. We will note down the errors, so we can modify them.

Next, we analyse the content posted on website for plagiarism(duplicate content). Search engines look for fresh content and decrease the rankings of duplicate content.

Next, we perform On-page SEO, where we optimise content with meta-tags.

Next, we setup the google search console, backlink generation, canonicalization, sitemap setup, robots.txt setup.

Next we setup Local SEO, which Covers Google My Business setup.

Next, we do content optimisation. It is a continuous process of improving the content for better rankings.

What is the process of SEO

We also offer

Website Development

Responsive, Customised and UX Optimised Websites

Content Writing

Creative functional content for your product/services.

Email Marketing

One of best source to convert your prospects to customers.

Graphic Designing

Graphic that tell stories.

Get more traffic to your website,

generate more enquires,

increase sales of your product/service,

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